A lesson on being your own hero, healer, and leader and how to recognize if you are falling short in your own relationships.

⚠️ Disclaimer: I am not an expert on domestic violence and this article is not about physical abuse, it is mostly about psychological and verbal abuse. Writing this article was part of my own individual healing process following a breakup. By sharing it, I’m hoping it brings support, clarity, and awareness to those who are looking for it.

Early this year, I discovered that my partner had been cheating on me during most of our time together and, with that discovery, came the realization that I had been in an abusive relationship.

Personal Illustration — Caving-in

Many lessons were taught from that experience –…

This article is a collaboration with partner Justin Smith, Head of Product at Officevibe, and myself. For all Catan and UX fans — we hope you enjoy it.

Coping with Redesign: Catan Universe

How you can easily ruin a product (and your users’ lives) with a redesign that ignores core UX heuristics

Living in one of the top global pandemic hotspots when the Covid-19 crisis began, I started to seek a sense of human connection and fun to help me cope with the quarantine. …

An introduction to handling creative feedback with your team.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to talk about creative feedback at Shopify’s MTL Design Club. I touched on how important it is to have design critiques in an organization to keep a quality line throughout the entire design thinking process and also to nurture a design culture. Noticing how sensitive and challenging this subject was for the design crowd in front of me that night, I thought about continuing the discussion through an article, going over some of what my talk covered — and a little bit more.

Why “design critiques” are so challenging

A design critique plays a crucial role in design…

How attending a conference was eye-opening and some takeaways.

Last week, I attended the Awwwards conference in San Francisco.

It was the first conference I’ve ever attended. I’ve always been told to go to one, that it would inspire me and motivate me. I honestly thought I didn’t need the motivation since I’m someone who’s very optimistic and inspired in general. I find inspiration that comes from small things we do everyday— I’m someone who sees a llama in the foam of my morning cortado and smile.

I thought attending a conference would drain me, that I would come back to my job comparing myself with more people, more…

Alexandrine Allard

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